Making a new release

This page describes how to create a new release of the certification suite.

github branching

If you are creating a release for the first time for a new version of Firefox OS, you should create a new branch in github for it, e.g.,:

git branch v2.1
git checkout v2.1
git push origin v2.1

The master branch should be retained as a development branch; releases should not be made directly from it.


You should verify that certsuite/config.json has the correct two-digit version number this release supports. This version number is passed to the individual components of the suite as they’re run.

The package version in should be bumped with each release. For a release tracking Firefox OS 2.1, for example, the valid package versions are 2.1.0, 2.1.1, etc.

archive generation

The contents of the fxos-certsuite directory are copied to another directory with a name in the format fxos-MCTS-2.1.0, and the hidden .git directory is removed. The documentation.pdf file in the root directory is updated using command:

make latexpdf

in the docs folder. The resulting PDF file is moved from _build/latex/FirefoxOSCertificationTestsuite.pdf to documentation.pdf in the root folder, and the docs/_build folder is removed.

Finally, the directory is archived using the command:

zip -r fxos-MCTS-2.1.0/