Setup and Usage

There are two methods for setting up and running the test suite: The “quick” method and the “virtualenv” way. For either to work you must enable adb access to the device.

Enabling ADB and Disabling Screen Lock

Launch Settings, and navigate to Device informationMore Information, then check Developer Menu. Next, hold down the Home button, and close the Settings app (press the X). Finally, launch Settings again, and navigate to Developer, then select ADB only in Remote Debugging.

Once this is done, go to SettingsDisplay and set the Screen Timeout to “never”. You need this because adb will not work when the device is locked.

Quick Setup and Usage

You can setup your environment and run the tests by running:


This command sets up a virtual environment for you, with all the proper packages installed, activates the environment, runs the tests, and lastly deactivates the environment.

You may call as many times as you like, and it will run the tests using its previously set up virtual environment.

Some of the tests for Web APIs require manual user intervention. At this point a browser will open on your host computer. Simply follow the instructions given on screen.

Setup and Usage With virtualenv

If the quick setup doesn’t work, then follow these instructions. You can set up and run this tool inside a virtual environment. From the root directory of your source checkout, run:

virtualenv .
./bin/pip install -e .

Then activate the virtualenv:

source bin/activate

Once the virtualenv is activated, the certification test suite can be run by executing:


To get a list of command-line arguments, use:

runcertsuite --help

For example it is possible to list logical test groups and to run filtered test runs of only a subset of the tests:

runcertsuite --list-tests

Submitting Results

Once the tests have completed successfully, they will write a file containing the results to disk; by default this file is called and will be put in your current working directory. Please e-mail this file to

Known Issues

  • Bug 1026259 - web-platform tests sometimes lose wifi connection